We have all been through the routine when Friday rolls around and we, as dads, start to wonder about the weekend.  What are we going to do with family and friends?  Perhaps we take a stab at some good ol’ one-on-one time with the kiddos.  My wife and I have been gifted with two boys (no girls at this point); the youngest is 10 months and the eldest is 3 years old.  One-on-one time is critical for dads since a lot of us work the 8-5 M-F.  I get it.  Sometimes we fall into the paralysis by analysis and end up just sitting on the couch or “resting our eyes” a little too much.  Don’t get me wrong- I enjoy a relaxing weekend after a hard week’s work, but the little ones want all the time from us that they can get.  So for those that could use some fresh ideas, below are three that might help you spend some quality time with your kid(s).  These little trips mean the world to them and can open up all kinds of coachable moments… Pro Tip- stay off your phone (unless a couple pics need to be taken)!

  • Lowe’s– I am a Lowe’s guy (HD orange reminds me of UT and that’s the worst). My eldest loves the store with one of his favorite activities being able to sit on the riding lawn mowers (indoors where it’s cool).  Yes, there will be questions of nobs and throttles and why is this like that, but they just want to learn.  Soak it up and educate them.  The trip can continue to the tools section, or garden area or washing machines.  And while you’re there, I am sure there’s an item to pick up for our garages.
  • Coffee Shop- we prefer Legacy Coffee, but you can go wherever. I will get a cup o joe and get my little one hot chocolate with whipped cream.  He can practice talking to adults, ordering, etc.  We bring a couple of toys and books.  Sometimes we don’t use either and just chat about anything and everything.  Memories are being made.
  • Ice cream/Donuts with chocolate milk- this isn’t so much about the food for me, although he loves it, but more about the time together. After buying the food, we pop open the trunk of the minivan, sit in the back and watch cars drive by.  We may not talk much, or we may talk a lot.  But the time with him is sweet (no pun intended).


2nd Pro Trip- grab a little something for the wife (like her favorite coffee).  It’s a win-win-win!



About the Author: David Wages. A collegiate soccer star, David has resided in Spring Hill with his wife, two sons, and golden retriever since 2016. David volunteers as an Ambassador and Marketing Committee Member for the Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce, and has an extraordinary passion for helping and serving others. To learn more about David’s professional talents, visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-wages-jr-23577452/