aMuse’um, has been serving the children of Maury County, the greater Nashville area, and our seven surrounding counties since 2009. aMuse’um is in the business of delivering a children’s museum experience that inspires all and encourages visitors to be thinkers, learners, and creators. In the process, we enhance the quality of life in the broader small-town experience.


What you may not know about aMuse’um Children’s Museum, aMuse’um Children’s Museum is located in the heart of Columbia, Tennessee on its historic downtown Square. The joyful mission of aMuse’um is to spark unbridled learning for young children from all backgrounds through play.  

From exhibits and classes to birthday parties and events, aMuse’um offers a wide breadth of activities and experiences for the children of Maury County, surrounding counties and visiting families.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, aMuse’um is proud to give to the local community by distributing over 14,000 free day passes and providing free programming to nonprofit organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club, free field trips for Kings Daughters Center for Autism and partners with Museums for All.

Visit aMuse’um Children’s Museums website today to find out more information about free play, hosting parties, and more!

Pictured (left) Executive Director- Maeghan Wall, (Right) Board Chair- Deysi Cook