Eddie Byrd saw the opportunity to open a Firehouse Subs in Spring Hill back in 2019. Eddie saw that Spring Hill was a growing and thriving community that appeared to be maintaining that positive growth for the foreseeable future.


What you may not know about Firehouse Subs: For over 25 years, Firehouse Subs has opened over 1,180 stores in the United States. For their future, Firehouse Subs likes to call their growth a “controlled burn.” Their expansion is carefully calculated and as they say in the fire station, “Let’s Eat!” 

Eddie Byrd decided to invest in Firehouse Subs because he believes in the Firehouse brand and its mission which is to carry on our commitment to and passion for: hearty and flavorful food, heartfelt service, and public safety. Eddie knew that his past experiences in restaurant operations would be helpful in operating his own Firehouse Subs Restaurants as a small business.

In his restaurants, Eddie expects to deliver an awesome Firehouse Subs experience to every guest by striving to deliver 100% guest satisfaction. This includes: Serving delicious high-quality deli sandwiches, An energetic Welcome and Thank You to visiting guests, and Giving back to the community. We take pride in the funds that our customers donate to our Public Safety Foundation by “Rounding Up to the Next Dollar.

Part of the Firehouse Brand is to give back over $2 million dollars each year to purchase first responders’ equipment. Eddie chose to locally support the local food pantry, The Well Outreach.

To learn more about this Firehouse Sub, you can visit Firehousesubs.com


Pictured: Owner, Eddie Byrd