In 2016, Bill Yuss decided that his family and career needed a fresh start. He chose to uproot and move to Spring Hill, Tennessee, where he knew no one. He quickly realized the need for a reliable garage repair business with the fast growth of new homes in Spring Hill, and so, he opened Pro Door Doctor.


What you may not know about Pro Door Doctor,  They offer emergency garage door services to both residential and commercial properties when the garage door is damaged due to the overhead garage door malfunctions. Its mission is to be a leader in the garage door industry by providing unmatched repair, installation, and customer service. They do this by operating their business with integrity while maintaining Godly principles and a family culture.

More of Bill’s personal testimony, “When I was 15 years old I worked very hard for a pair of shoes both day and night. I started working at a gas station pumping gas for .85 cents. Quickly, I grew the trust of the owner and he allowed me to pull the tow truck into the bays and to lock up for the night. One day, as I was pulling a truck into the bay, I hit the garage door boom with the truck.  Immediately, I started to call many garage door company’s in Chicago to fix the door, but only a few answered and those that did wanted an extraordinary amount of money to fix it.

So I decided to stay up all night and fixed the door myself and to my surprise, the door worked like new. The next day, the owner arrived early that morning and I told him what happened. He was so respectful of me and my goal to fix what I broke. 

From that moment on, I realized that I wanted to continue doing just that and so I decided to start my career in fixing garage doors and operators in the city of Chicago.  However, it was not an easy start. I came across many obstacles in Chicago including crime, getting robbed at gunpoint, and not to mention the extremely high taxes.After 30 plus years, I knew I needed to leave Chicago. I had lost all my trucks, my home, businesses and buildings. I was a very scared man, older in age and without a job.

And so, I decided to move to Tennessee and to start a new life in a much less crime state with so much love, support, and Christianity. The job that I thought would be perfect for me was to sell cars. I love people, I love sales, and I love cars. However, after a few months, I found out that was not my REAL desire. I came home unhappy every day. And so, I told my family I’m going to reopen the garage door business in Tennessee. From that moment on, I have never been so happy as I am now. 

It’s been 4 years now since I opened up Pro Door Doctor. I have wonderful, professional employees that all have the same care as I do for our customers.    

Today we are operated at full capacity at our current location with future expansion possibilities.  I thank God for finding my TRUE passion in life to help others. I have so much more to say but I rather let my actions speak louder. I may not have been born or raised in Spring Hill but I feel my heart was here all my life waiting for me to arrive.  

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Pictured: Owner, Bill Yuss