Opening their doors in Spring Hill in 2016, Washtopia’s goal is to be a valuable, contributing member of every neighborhood we serve, and as a Tennessee-born business, they are dedicated to hiring and giving back locally.


What you may not know about Washtopia, It’s the car wash, re-imagined. Washtopia was designed from the ground up as the car wash of the future. Everything from the building and equipment to technology and culture was re-thought starting with one simple question: “What’s the best way we can do this?” We believe in making cars and their people happy. In the end, we created a state-of-the-art car wash that includes cutting-edge design and fanatical customer service.

What to expect: Our building is designed with convenience, comfort, and safety in mind. The extra-wide tunnel with glass walls and a translucent roof floods the tunnel with natural light. We also replaced the typical metal tire guide with two flat conveyor belts that eliminate the risk of wheel damage and allows us to wash low-profile vehicles, cars with performance tires and duallies. The extra-long tunnel length allows us to wash more vehicles and reduce wait times, even on the busiest wash days.

As part of our commitment to be good neighbors, we have developed a fundraising program for local non-profits. It combines the long history of car wash fundraising with modern technology to create a safe, easy and fun program where participating non-profits sell wash vouchers and keep half the proceeds.

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Pictured:  Eric Ocha -General Manager / Ashley Bickham -Site Manager / Jackie Durham -Site Manager