Expressions of Music


Personally overseeing your event!
Professional Sound & Lighting
Event Host, Coordinator / DJ & MC

Experience, Knowledge & Passion: Providing an incredible, memorable event for all your friends & family. Over 1,000 events with 25+ years of experience! 

The Best Is The Least I Can Do! Given the importance of how much I impact the success and memories of your priceless day.  It matters to me because it matters to you.  This is my investment in every event.

Bride & Groom what to know:

  • Would you buy a dress without knowing how it fits you and your style?
  • Would you pay for food without talking about your options?
  • How do you choose and trust a photographer with all of your memories without knowing who they are?
  • Choose a cake without a tasting?

Now everyone you’ve invited is there.  Friends and family.  But….What is your dj worth to your celebration?  Price of priceless?

Know the difference, discover what my clients receive and how important it is to have the right entertainer providing for all of what your day is: PRICELESS

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