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When I moved to Middle TN, I launched small ventures, catered a few weddings and small events but chose to slow down and took culinary arts classes, adopted my first child and was surprised by two more babies soon after. About 3 years later I had an idea. I texted a couple of friends asking if they thought anyone would be interested in local meal deliveries. They were excited and on board immediately. Their encouragement and advice to post social media sparked the foundation for what T42C is today. It nearly filled up the first week and it’s grown from there. We serve businesses, homes, events of all sizes throughout Middle TN. The meal delivery service was a gateway to so much more. We have gained some of the most loyal and amazing clients. We’ve developed partnerships with business owners that faithfully use our Lunch Box Service, expanded the Meal Delivery Service & added Event Catering. Our relationships with local venues have continued to grow and are such a joy. If you are looking for a local event venue we highly recommend Allenbrooke Farms. Allenbrooke is featured in many of the photos you see on our site.
Faith, service to community and mission are a huge part of my life. My 3 children are my greatest blessings! The team that has come together around Table For 2 is truly family. We are all moms and wives first. We value family!
I love cooking and the creative process. Food has this way of bringing people together which makes even the hardest days worth it. It’s a welcome compliment when people come to a tasting and tell me that the food is even better than they expected! What makes me even more proud is that we have a reputation of quality service and making our clients feel special. I never want to lose that. No matter how busy we get or how blessed we are to grow, I want each one of our clients to walk away knowing that in the moment we served them, they were our priority & felt the love we put into both the food and presentation!

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