Wingate Media Group

Wingate Media Group, LLC is a small family company headquartered just south of Nashville, Tennessee. After being raised around billboards and radio growing up in Arkansas, Wingate Media Group founder Ike Wingate had advertising and marketing in his blood. From a young age he was involved in construction, maintenance, design, and even sales for his father’s billboard company; Wingate Outdoor Advertising. At the age of sixteen, Ike sold his first account to a tire company and realized his fascination with advertising and the friendships he had formed in the process. To this day, back in Arkansas, that same customer still advertises with Wingate Outdoor.

This is the kind of long-lasting relationship Ike’s parents taught him to pursue and cultivate to keep customers coming back for years.

After spending many years in radio in Arkansas, Ike moved to Tennessee in 2006 to continue working in radio for a syndicated talk show. Ike and his wife Michelle were also married that same year and shortly after formed Wingate Media Group, LLC in 2009.