Welcome to our city!

“A city that continues to evolve with each new resident that’s drawn to the Southern Hospitality legacy established by those before them.”

What’s Spring Hill known for?

In the past, we were known for our rural, picturesque, farmland, BUT NOW we are known for our growing rooftop community, our wonderful businesses, and beautiful open spaces!

Let’s take it back to December 26, 1837, when our town officially became incorporated. As the years went on, the city grew with residents, businesses, and history. The town advanced with water pumps, telephones, and interstate access, but also with leadership, fame, and entrepreneurship. 

1985 was a BIG year for Spring Hill. That year is when General Motors announced the grand opening of the Saturn Plant, right in the heart of Spring Hill. From that moment on, the momentum of our town boomed. It was recorded in 1980 that the population of Spring Hill was 986. Then it quadrupled to 7,000 by 2000 then in 2010 it hit 29,000 people. Today our town is at 42,000 residents! 

Along with resident growth, we’ve been blessed by the growth of our business community. We now have over 3000 businesses (800 women-owned, 200 Veteran-owned, 227 minority-owned) all ranging from Local Services, Education, Things To Do, Life and Home, Health and Wellness, and Non-Profits. Every city has challenges, including ours, but our Spring Hill continues to keep pushing forward!

What to do in Spring Hill? 

Preserving the natural landscape has remained a priority which can be seen in the 19 parks scattered throughout our city! These parks range from walking trails to playgrounds, to city ball fields, to puppy playgrounds (AKA dog parks). Also, mark your calendar for every Thursday for the local Farmers Market at Evans Park by Parks and Recreation. If you are looking for things to do, our town is constantly hosting community events and opportunities for you and your family to get out and Experience Spring Hill.

So take a minute and really take in our city. Check out the local businesses located right here on our website and pinpoint a few to visit today. Our community is ready to give a warm welcome to another new Spring Hillian!


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